Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Boy!!

I adore this boy!! He has the biggest heart of any boy I know!! He has such love and compassion for others - mostly babies, kids and any "under-dog"! He gets really mad when he sees that there is no JUSTICE in a situation. He plays hard, and almost never realizes when another kid is playing "mean" or teasing him - he just has an innocent heart. This boy gives the BEST hugs (and has actually been told that by several quite attractive "princesses" at Disney World. Seriously, Cinderella hugged him and then went and got her friends and came back to have them all hugged AND get another hug!! (He was 5 for that trip!) He actually made me cry this morning too. He said they were starting shark dissection in school today and he didn't want to do it. Being a boy, I thought this would be VERY cool to him so I was confused. I asked him Why he didn't want to do it (he really seemed to be looking forward to it last week). He said that the teacher talked to them about the dissection process yesterday and told them that they may end up with a shark "mommy" that has a baby or babies in her belly. Well, that was it for Quinn!! He wanted NOTHING to do with dead babies! He said he was sure he would throw-up if he ended up with a momma shark and then he would pass out, and of course, that would be embarassing to him. No wonder he did not want to go to school and do the dissection! Oh - poor kid! I tried to make him feel better and told him to ask the teacher for a boy shark. (How do you tell a shark apart???) I just hugged him and told him to do as much of the dissection as he felt comfortable with. Can't wait til he gets home from school and I can find out what happened. (But I didn't get a call from the school nurse, so that is a good sign!) Well, we can cross out anything in the health care field for him. :)

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