Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Waiting, Waiting and more Waiting...

I am waiting.
And waiting.
And then waiting some more.
Because UofL Nursing School has decided to make us all wait.
Not that any of us have anything better to do. Like plan the summer for our KIDS IF we get in. Or like plan the summer for our KIDS IF we do NOT get in.
You see, these plans are VASTLY different.
IF I get IN: I will be gone all day, pretty much every day. Yes, I have weekends off but I will need to study since I will be busting a** the entire week with clinicals and classes and labs. And when I say I will be gone ALL day. I mean ALL DAY. As in leave the house by 6am to make sure I am across town by start time of 7am. And will finish around 5pm two days and 6:30pm the other days. So what do YOU think? Do I need to schedule something for the kids or just let them play LORD OF THE FLIES for the summer?? Hmmm....
Ok, so let's say I do not get in (and truly the ONLY reason that would happen is because GOD does not want me there. Totally not kidding on this friends. This SHOULD BE a slam dunk for me - NOT being conceited here, just honest with the work I have put in ok. So I mean it when I say the ONLY reason I wouldn't get in is because the Big Kahuna seriously DOES NOT WANT ME THERE.) So, just for funsies, let's say it is a No Go. Then I don't really need all these expensive camps I have signed my kids up for in order to keep the blood level in the house below ankle level! Not to mention the fact that I can not afford them without the student loans that come along with Admission to the Nursing Program.
See what I mean??!! If I sign the kids up and don't get in, I have lots of cancellation fees to pay. If I don't sign the kids up, there is no space left in the camps. (And knowing this, I did sign up for several of the camps and Yes, Virginia, they are already FULL at this time so it is a good thing that I did) This is called being between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE. And I do believe I am WEDGED IN.
So...I Wait.