Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Like Tina, Ike Can't Keep Us Down!

Birthday Breakfast by Candlelight!
Who would have thought a hurricane could come through Kentucky?!!! Here we are in the middle of the East, right between the dividing line of the North and South and we get a Hurricane!!! Not a lot of water and no tornadoes but HUGE WINDSTORM!!! Several of my friends had trees fall on their houses, cars, pools, etc. It was amazing to watch!! Apples were blowing off the apple trees out back like missiles! We have three beautiful pine trees out back that serve as a type of privacy screen for our almost all glass family room and Keith watched as one of them just snapped in half from the force of the wind and fell into our neighbors yard! I was really sad. I watched them sway sooooo far each way. I prayed over my front pine tree that it would be able to withstand the force of the wind and it did! I really do think my praying helped because the neighbor right next to me just beyond that pine got trashed!!! It was like a wind tunnel or something right between our two houses. They lost several trees. We were lucky too because as we pulled in from church, my other neighbors big tree came down right across our driveway!! We were trapped at home with both cars in the garage. Also, the power went out all over the city!! There were almost 700,000 houses without power that day!!! We were some of the last 600 homes to get power restored too! I really enjoyed not having power for the first 6 - 7 days and would have been more than happy to continue without it but we have an electric water heater!! UGH! That is really all I needed to survive. A hot shower! That is the one amenity that I can not live without!!! Cold showers SUCK and are actually physically painful!!! I was really thankful/grateful to God for giving us a much needed BREAK in our hectic running lives!!! Everyone HAD to slow down. It was so nice! Schools were closed all week and we got to relax and read and play games and play outside and just really praise Him for a BREATHER! We had wonderful cool weather for the first week too and then it started getting hot and the kids started having their sports practices so they were not so happy with the cold shower thing either! Thank God my parents only live 15 minutes away and have a GAS water heater!!! anyway, we all survived and even thrived (at least I did for 7 days) without power. Thank God I am low maintenance - no hair dryer or make-up for me. (good thing too cause I saw some people that definitely put theirs on in the dark or by candle light! Just kidding but it was kinda funny to see!) Nothing wrong with makeup I just feel like I cant breathe with it on my face. Your skin IS your largest organ so if you use it, make sure it is good and natural - no petroleum products!! {soapbox ;-)}
So that was our bout with Hurricane Ike. Ten days with no electricity, no hot water, a birthday by candle light and lots of money spent eating out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Made It!!

Yea!! We made it to the drive-in!! We love the drive in and it has been a family tradition for years - I was so afraid it would be broken this year. Faith baby, faith!!! We did make it but I gotta let you know, Momma Mia is a bit, shall we say, much for a couple of 8 year olds. (and their mom!) I love AbbA and knew it was a musical. I just didn't know what the exact story line was. Oops! Let's just say we won't be talking about this at church. tee hee! Anyway, I am quite sure much went over their little heads and the singing and dancing was fun. The important thing was getting to sit outside on lawn chairs, watch a movie, eat fried Twinkies & junk food, swing on the swingset under the movie screen and play with eachother! God I love being a Hillbilly!!!!!


Who knew a new washing machine could be the perfect after school entertainment?! We had it delivered on Monday and each day my daughter and our neighbor beg to start a load of laundry after school then they stand there and watch it run!! It is absolutely hilarious (and it beats TV!).
Funny girls! BTW, this machine is awesome!!! (Sears Kenmore Oasis)