Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hangin' In There!

Well, you know how the saying goes right? The best laid plans of mice and men... Yeah well, I have been planning and hoping to attend UofL's Accelerated Program in Nursing and of course, trying to plan ahead with the kids and the hubby. HA! Dear UofL, it is HARD to plan anything when you have decided to hold all decisions until after FINAL grades are in! WHY did you pick this semester to change things?? I can't promise camps and this and that if I am going to be home all summer and not in school. No reason to pay someone else to watch my kids if I will be there right?! So will there be spots left to place them if I DO get accepted?? UofL, You are making me a mess. I really don't want to pay DOUBLE the price to attend that private school's accelerated program even though I will get out two months earlier and keep everything ON PLAN. I can't really affort that! So now I am having to decide if I want to sell my left or right kidney and stick with the timeline, or keep all my body parts and Pray I remember Anything that I have learned in this previous year and wait for next year if I am not accepted. Just kidding, really. I think I will end up throwing my eggs into the cheaper (and longer) UofL basket and if it doesn't pan out for this year, I will go to work full time for a year and pay off some business debt and start next year. Who knows, maybe I will finally get around to writing that novel, finishing two years worth of scrapbooks for the elementary school, learning spanish & a little Mandarin, etc, etc, etc, ! ; ) In the mean time, I took my favorite young man to his swim team banquet and could not have been happier when he left me to go dance with his friends! Yesss! I always worry about him not being "involved" - keep proving me wrong buddy cause you are just so funny and awesome!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been a tad busy for the past 5 months... I guess nursing school will do that to you. I miss having a fun blog and getting to share what goes on around here. I am actually thinking of starting a new blog of what goes on in nursing school - that is, if I get in to the accelerated program of course. I don't get to find out until around April 1st which kind of stinks to make people wait that long.
This week I have been on spring break which I kicked off with my friend's 80's themed birthday party! And YES, I wore black "Chucks" to the party! I graduated from high school in the 80's in Red High Top Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. Because I was always the absolute coolest and Because I was always totally fashion forward... (ok, everyone who knows me, when you stop laughing you can keep reading!) Then, because the time "sprang forward" I missed church on Sunday which turned out great because the family went to the Y and had fun AND exercise. Of course we were then compelled to go to Denny's so that we wouldn't actually SEE any befifit from the workout. I could feel my arteries reclogging from the gravy on the country FRIED steak! Very great weekend except for my dad driving himself to the hospital on Sunday. Then Monday rolled around and I was able to stay home the first two days of the week with a sick kid (cause that's how my life rolls! I am just along for the ride most of the time), pick up my nephew and neice from school to play, have lunch with my youngest, take my oldest to have her stinky cast removed from her broken hand, visit my dad and good friend in the hospital,...should I keep going??? Thank God this all happened this week, I can't imagine trying to juggle this with my classes too. Ha!
This is my neice Harp and this is the look she gives you when she doesn't get what she wants.
It still works on me most of the time. I am kind of the "sucker" aunt. She loves to play Tea Party with the silver tea set in the living room and I am happy to oblige. The simplest things...
Besides, how could you say No to this face and then live with yourself????
I am vowing to get some studying done tomorrow though. I better if I want to keep good grades!! Glad I had this breather though and for the record, everyone is recovering nicely. Thank God!