Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Clothes!

Oh I just love new clothes!!! I love yellow and green!! They are my favorite colors and i love when i find them in the right shade to wear!! I am so excited to get new clothes! I just wanted a couple of new t-shirts because mine are 2 and 3 years old. (yes, really) I hate to shop. As a matter of fact, I started trying things on and the first few items were Waaaayyyyy wrong for me so I got frustrated. (yes, I do that quite quickly when it comes to shopping) I almost just said, "Forget it!!" and left the store but I thought, "So, what do I have to go home to? The same tshirts I have been wearing the heck out of for the past two years??!! Just get it over with!" So I stuck it out and I am so glad I did because then things started fitting right and being the right color! yea!! And, I found 2 yellow shirts I love and a green one. (I love green but with the red tint to my hair and skin, it doesn't always agree with me :() I am set for spring, summer and fall!! So excited and comfy! Here is a pix of me in my new yellow shirt and camo capris.


Amanda Profumo said...

LOVE that yellow shirt! Where did you find it? Yellow is my new favorite color this spring/summer! You look super cute!

Sweetie said...

I got the yellow shirt at Macy's in the JR. department!