Sunday, July 27, 2008



Casi (my gorgeous, wonderfully funny and highly intelligent teen-aged daughter) has been out of town at the beach with one of her best friends for a while. Since she was gone I, yet again, could not figure out how to get onto my blog. I know, many of you are now switching channels because seriously, how hard can it be to remember how to get into your own blog to post?!!? Like duh momma-san! OK but obviously since you are reading this, I got on right?!! Apparently I need the Cassidy polar opposite of my notorious computer X-Man power in order to even out the universe! (OK. at least the computer universe.) Anywhoo, I call Casi out of her room where she is undoubtedly unpacking and CLEANING AND STRAIGHTENING her room, and our conversation goes like this:

I (Sweetie) say: "Cas, I can't get onto my blog. It won't let me on!"

Casi: " Well, do you remember your password?"

S: "Yeah, it is ......."

C: "Ok, well what's your Google account user name log-in?"

S: Pause. Think to self; my what? did she just speak English?

C: "Your email mom! What is the email you use for your blog account?"

S: "Oh! My email! I just wasn't sure which one you wanted." (As if I could handle more than one email account without spontaneously combusting my computer and myself! Ha ha ha ha! Good come back cover up though, right?)

S: "I just use my regular email for this account." (Like I have another account somewhere other than the Bank! ha!)

C: "OK, let's put that in." ( She puts it in) "Now put in your password." She hits enter.


S: "Yeah, but see, it wasn't doing this for me when I was trying to get on it while you were gone."

C: "Uuuhhhh...." She looks at me like I just grew a fourth head. (As opposed to the three that apparently I ALREADY had.)

S: "No REALLY!! I did everything the same only it wasn't letting me in, I swear!"

"Really! Why are you looking at me like that? You saw me sitting here 20 minutes ago trying to mess with this contraption!"

C: "Mom, contraption is a word for 50 or 60 year olds. If you say you are 36 then you want to stay away from the word, 'contraption'." "It is a computer. Plain & simple. A computer."

Actually she didn't say that, I just read it in her eyes as she stared at me in unbelief and walked away. She did say one last thing before she closed the door to her room(to get back to the cleaning I'm sure!):

C: "Riiiggghhht."