Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prince Pasta Bowl Restaurant

Well, the girls finished the new restaurant and opened for business. They even made a menu which was very cute! (With everything spelled phonetically of course.) They then enlisted the help of The Man to cook spaghetti and came and delivered an invitation to Emma's mom an me to come to dinner!
We had spaghetti with bacon bits and red sauce. They also found the stashed bottle of favorite white wine in the downstairs fridge and served that! Yum! I am kinda wondering if Riley has secretly been hanging out at Amanda's house because she has been so crafty lately! She tied the silverware up inside the paper napkins with some of my ribbon :) ! Lovely dinner and all before the rain came pouring down again!
Now those are Two Happy Mommas!!!!

Sorry Sweetie!!

So, apparently I think I am funny but I am really not . I published a post about my sweet hubby being a "tornado" because he moves so fast and I was embelishing quite a bit. I hurt his feelings because he thought I made him out to look like a "slob". NOT what I meant to do!! So I am retracting my post and issuing an appology because in reality, he is an awesome husband! (And really cute too!!)
Sorry sweet man!!

Play Time Takes Lots of Time!!

Why does it take 3 hours to set kids up to play for 20 minutes? The girls decided to "build" a restaurant and in order to not have my house torn apart, I figured I should help them find what they needed and to keep them from interupting me every 3 minutes, I figured I would just get them all "set up" before going to study.
Whatever. So in REAL LIFE TIME, it went more like this:
Find the "perfect" box. Find some kind of storage for the contents that are currently housed inside the "perfect" box. Empty the box & pack it into the new box. Find some paint that is of acceptable color to both girls. Get the superglued paint cans open (20 minutes, one paint can opener - which I had to go find as it was not anywhere NEAR said paint!, two screwdrivers and some paper towels), find brushes that will be ok to be thrown away cause god knows they are not going to be cleaned, haul box upstairs (twice since I tried to carry it up the stairs in the "too wide to make it through the basement door manner" the first time), search for box cutter (razor blade thingie that retracts) while girls decide where to put door and how to put a "service counter" onto the box, go sharpen a knife since I couldn't find a box cutter, cut door in box, go find new paint can to pour 3/4 can of blue paint into since I ruined the top of old paint can trying to pry it off ...
And yeah, it keeps going like that for a while. Anyway, they got to have a creative outlet on a rainy day and that is the important part. Right?? Ha ha ha!! They were very cute and if they fight over at which house the "Prince Pasta Bowl" restaurant will reside... there will be a sudden cooking fire so I hope they purchased insurance. Just kidding : )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Crafty Paper Girl Give Away

I just Love the Crafty Paper Girl felties! She makes birds, flowers, and button felt embelishments that I am dying to own all of!! I can buy them on Etsy (I just purchased two!) Here is her link: I just made a super scrapbook layout using one of her felt and fabric birds today too. I love it! I promise, as soon as I find my card for my camera (that I took out of my camera in order to print some photos), I will take a picture and post it! Please go check out her shop in the mean time because it is super cute. Also, check out 62 Cards - that is a really fun blog and run by a Southern Girl to boot! Lots of great blogs to see! Here is the link to 62 Cards: OK, what are you waiting for?? Go! Found the card!! Here is a picture of how I used one of Crafty Girl's Felt Birds!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweetie's Treats: 07-08-09 10:11:12am#links

Sweetie's Treats: 07-08-09 10:11:12am#links

07-08-09 10:11:12am

So what were you doing on 07-08-09 at 10:11:12???
Quinn and I enjoyed yummy bagels brought over my my girlie q Shawnna who works at Panera!! Yum!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Keith and I have been married for quite some time now and it amazes me that it still feels NEW! He is the joy of my life and I thank God for him every day! (Yes, even the bad ones! ha ha ha!) I love that our anniversary is on Independence Day - it is my favorite holiday. This day holds the best memories of my childhood, my early 20's and my "todays"!
Riley and I got up and went to the farmer's market today and then we ran home for the neighborhood parade only guess what?! Everyone was still sleeping!! We had to wake up Keith and Casi and light a fire under them. Keith and the kids rode their bikes over to the next neighborhood where the parade was being held but Casi and I drove. (not enough bikes) We had "Bomb pops" and the North Oldham Fire truck and firefighters led the parade around the circle. When we got back they hooked the truck up to the hydrant and "showered" us all!!! I love this tradition - it is so fun!! The kids goal is to pull daddy into the water and get him wet. This year they decided it was my turn too so I played along. They get such a big laugh out of it still!! After we were all drenched and right before Keith could carry Casi into the water, the fire dept. shut the water off and it was time to go home. Lucky Casi! We will hang out together today and be thankful for this great country we live in and the wonderful family we have built!!
Happy Independence Day and Happy Anniversary to Keith and me! :)