Thursday, January 22, 2009

It is all because of Ben!

Yup. I just gonna blame it on Ben. I think he is nuts any way. The weird stuff in my life, the way LOST didn't record last night, the difficult time consuming job Keith had last night. It is all Ben's fault. (Plus now I want a little wheelie thing to turn and make time go backwards by more than three years! - WHAT was that ???) Sorry Ben but you are the bad guy anyway. (And I am still banking on the Casimir Effect on the island of LOST!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lose My Soul

Yep. I came pretty close to that today. It was just not a very good day. sometimes I just question WHY God allows things to happen. I just don't get it. As if I am not stressed enough he throws a curve ball. No, it was not as bad as someone in my family getting hurt. It was an EMOTIONAL curve ball. And it just made me a wreck. This day was pretty much just a day that could be wiped from the books forever. I still don't get it God, but I am sure you have your reasons. so just take a few minutes and listen to the two songs that are first on my play list. Toby Mac's "Loose My Soul" and Kanye West's "Stronger". Cause both have words of truth. Too bad I couldn't find the Beatles, "Help".