Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweetie's Lollypops

Whew!! What a day. My youngest is a massive ball of energy, always asking me to help her do something. (I am now wondering if she learned that by watching me always ask her father to help me do something??) I am glad she asks me though and doesn't just set about doing something on her own because many times it involves some kind of danger. (again wondering where she learned that...)
Today she asked if we could make lollypops. I had bought everything to do this a few days ago but got side tracked by my buddy Rebecca who, besides being able to do everything else in the world, is a fire hooper. HUH?? Well, she hula-hoops and lights the hoop on fire!!! How cool!! She is such an amazing person! So she called me Friday night and said she and her daughter were going hula-hooping in the park and did we want to come. Uh... YEAH!!! And just for the record, I have never been able to hula-hoop. Seriously. Never could keep that hoop going around and around my tummy. So Becky taught me Friday night and it is now my new obsession. Yes, I will be having a party and paying Rebecca to come and teach my girlfriends!! Needless to say, when someone calls and asks if I want to do something new, I am all in and I knew the lollys would wait a few days. So here we are on Sunday afternoon and Riley remembers we were going to make lollys on Friday so of course we need to start NOW!!! (Never mind I have a paper due tomorrow and a take home test to turn in!!!)
Sweet Keith decided to get it all going while I finished my spreadsheet and paper (love that guy!!) and then I joined them and took some pics. (Of course if I had remembered to put my flipin' card back in my camera, I would have had great pics of us hula-hooping on Fri. night! DUH!!) We had fun making the candy. You have to boil the sugar and corn syrup until it reaches 305 degrees! and then put it in an ice bath for 10 seconds. Only Sweet Keith counts in Mississippi-Mississippi's for his seconds so I think it was a little too long. Anyway, then you add the flavoring (we used orange extract) and the coloring. They came out too thick because we decided to jam ourselves into a corner of the kitchen instead of using an open counter and so we were all on top of eachother trying to work too fast because the candy was cooling too quickly and getting hard fast. It is ok, because we can try it again another day!! And you have to be really careful not to touch your skin and stir slow when adding the water based stuff cause it boils immediately! Here are some fun shots! Enjoy!

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