Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Spirit

Ok, I just had to post this! My girlfriend Amanda (who IS the craftiest girl I know) has inspired me to get some layouts done and try to post them on my blog. I am not sure how she got her layouts posted so wonderfully but I will find out!! Anyway, the point being, I love her work and she always has such fun doing it so I figured... get to it Kel!!! So here is the layout I worked on last Friday night at Amanda's house. (Thanks Amanda for the smaller letters and I found a sheet at JoAnn crafts in St. Matthews to get the final "r"!!) (yes, it is just like me to start a layout and not pay attention to whether I have all the letters I need to finish it!! I just finished it this morning after picking up a sheet of letter stickers.)
You should go check out Amanda's "Crafty Girl" page. It is sweet! Her link is:
She always has something interesting going on!
By the way, I love this bird paper from Basic Grey!! (Check out Dee's crafts in St. Matthews!)
My mom took the picture of Riley last summer at the Melwood Arts Center. They had a mini golf art exhibit! Riley loved it and wanted her picture taken in the "clouds" so she laid on the ground and had memol take the picture like she was "floating"! I love this girl! She is my Funny girl with the FREE SPIRIT!!!

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Amanda Profumo said...

Kelly, thanks for all the praise! You are too kind...
I LOVE the finished LO! You did a great job- I also adore that bird paper, so cute!