Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prince Pasta Bowl Restaurant

Well, the girls finished the new restaurant and opened for business. They even made a menu which was very cute! (With everything spelled phonetically of course.) They then enlisted the help of The Man to cook spaghetti and came and delivered an invitation to Emma's mom an me to come to dinner!
We had spaghetti with bacon bits and red sauce. They also found the stashed bottle of favorite white wine in the downstairs fridge and served that! Yum! I am kinda wondering if Riley has secretly been hanging out at Amanda's house because she has been so crafty lately! She tied the silverware up inside the paper napkins with some of my ribbon :) ! Lovely dinner and all before the rain came pouring down again!
Now those are Two Happy Mommas!!!!

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Amanda Profumo said...

Get 'em, Riley! Use your inner craftiness and knock 'em dead!