Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Keith and I have been married for quite some time now and it amazes me that it still feels NEW! He is the joy of my life and I thank God for him every day! (Yes, even the bad ones! ha ha ha!) I love that our anniversary is on Independence Day - it is my favorite holiday. This day holds the best memories of my childhood, my early 20's and my "todays"!
Riley and I got up and went to the farmer's market today and then we ran home for the neighborhood parade only guess what?! Everyone was still sleeping!! We had to wake up Keith and Casi and light a fire under them. Keith and the kids rode their bikes over to the next neighborhood where the parade was being held but Casi and I drove. (not enough bikes) We had "Bomb pops" and the North Oldham Fire truck and firefighters led the parade around the circle. When we got back they hooked the truck up to the hydrant and "showered" us all!!! I love this tradition - it is so fun!! The kids goal is to pull daddy into the water and get him wet. This year they decided it was my turn too so I played along. They get such a big laugh out of it still!! After we were all drenched and right before Keith could carry Casi into the water, the fire dept. shut the water off and it was time to go home. Lucky Casi! We will hang out together today and be thankful for this great country we live in and the wonderful family we have built!!
Happy Independence Day and Happy Anniversary to Keith and me! :)


Amanda Profumo said...

Happy Anniversary, K + K! Love you guys!
Kelly, those pics of you guys in the water are priceless!
Will I see you Friday night at WRCC? Hope so!

Emily said...

I JUST saw your little comment on my blog about the colorful popcorn.

It's from The Mom and PopCorn Company in Downtown McKinney, TX, about 30 or so miles from downtown Dallas. ;)

They ship too if your friend never makes it out.