Saturday, August 16, 2008

Drive-In Tradition

Every year we go to the Drive-In. I love the drive in! I love getting to watch two movies back to back and not worrying about having to get the kids home to bed. They take their sleeping blankets and we take out a seat or two from the back of the van. We take pop-corn in a grocery bag and yummy grapes or other fruit. Then we get there, park the car backwards, pop the hatch and lay on the floor of the van eating pop-corn and watching movies. The two younger ones usually fall asleep before the middle of the second movie and when it is all over, we drive home in peace. (exhausted of course!) We haven't made it there yet this summer because they haven't shown anything the kids could see without nightmares so I am now crossing my fingers for a kid friendly show so that I won't be forced to break our tradition! Here is the front of our drive in, notice the movie titles and you'll see what I mean. Cross your fingers for us, OK?!!

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