Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guess I'm gonna have to post this with the Ac/Dc song playing because no matter what, when it comes to Thunder over Louisville, they play that song! Thunder was Very Cool this year - they added some fun new fireworks that I had not seen before. I LOVED the rainbow coming off the 2nd St. Bridge and they played parts of "What a Wonderful World" first by Iz, then by Louis Armstrong. I love being reminded of how wonderful my life is!! Sometimes things get so hectic I start to forget and it just takes a bit of a nudge to get my head out of my a**. (sorry kids!) I also LOVED the fireworks that produced these cool Balls of Fire!! Super neato!! I can't find a picture of those yet but I will look! We also had some new looking missle like things that came out of the sides of the bridge. At least they looked new to me. : )
My only problem with Thunder this year was wondering who put the schizophrenic in charge of putting the musical score together??!! I mean seriously!! We have always had some type of Theme to the fireworks but this year...WTH??? It was sooooooo weird!! There was not really a rhyme or reason to how the music was put together and it was really strange how songs were bled into eachother. Weird, weird, weird! I hope they post it on YouTube so others can join in on the strange mix. I think the weirdest thing about it was that it is so how I am feeling right now ! Just pulled in 12 different directions all the time. Maybe it was really meant to be a soundtrack to my life. Hahaha!
Oh well, It was a fun and busy day and now I need to sleep so that I can spend tomorrow studying! Finals this week!
**Yup - I see it!!! : )

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