Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hangin' In There!

Well, you know how the saying goes right? The best laid plans of mice and men... Yeah well, I have been planning and hoping to attend UofL's Accelerated Program in Nursing and of course, trying to plan ahead with the kids and the hubby. HA! Dear UofL, it is HARD to plan anything when you have decided to hold all decisions until after FINAL grades are in! WHY did you pick this semester to change things?? I can't promise camps and this and that if I am going to be home all summer and not in school. No reason to pay someone else to watch my kids if I will be there right?! So will there be spots left to place them if I DO get accepted?? UofL, You are making me a mess. I really don't want to pay DOUBLE the price to attend that private school's accelerated program even though I will get out two months earlier and keep everything ON PLAN. I can't really affort that! So now I am having to decide if I want to sell my left or right kidney and stick with the timeline, or keep all my body parts and Pray I remember Anything that I have learned in this previous year and wait for next year if I am not accepted. Just kidding, really. I think I will end up throwing my eggs into the cheaper (and longer) UofL basket and if it doesn't pan out for this year, I will go to work full time for a year and pay off some business debt and start next year. Who knows, maybe I will finally get around to writing that novel, finishing two years worth of scrapbooks for the elementary school, learning spanish & a little Mandarin, etc, etc, etc, ! ; ) In the mean time, I took my favorite young man to his swim team banquet and could not have been happier when he left me to go dance with his friends! Yesss! I always worry about him not being "involved" - keep proving me wrong buddy cause you are just so funny and awesome!

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