Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thunder, Lightening and Rain - Oh My!!

The boys are out for the weekend Father - Son camping trip so I had my friend Amy & her daughter spend the night with us. Of course, we had a severe storm warning with the possibility of tornadoes - Yikes!! We had lots of thunder and lightening and HEAVY rain but no tornadoes - Yay!! Us girls had a great time. We played a fun game and watched Dan In Real Life. It was a good movie. Amy is totally Italian so she whipped up a roux and made a yummy creamy mushroom pasta for us! We love to cook - And Eat! And since we like to eat, we had Casi make up a yummy buffalo chicken pizza - Casi is the Pizza Pro now! She was so sweet, she made the little girls a plain cheese pizza too. We devoured it all! Riley and her daughter stayed up until 1AM!! I had to make them stop talking and go to bed so I could! Now by the time I went to bed, I looked at Amy and she was dead asleep, flat on her back - she looked like she was in a morgue! It was so funny! I started giggling so hard I had to hold my mouth so I wouldn't bust out and wake her up. Anyway, there is something to be said for people who live with such a strong sense of Faith that they can sleep on their back completely relaxed. Most people sleep curled up or turned on their sides, like they are shutting out the rest of the world. Not Amy!! When she is done for the day, she is DONE and she puts it all into God's hands and signs OUT!! I have a lot to learn from her in that area.

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