Friday, June 27, 2008

Pre-Alzheimer's + X-Men Power = Funny Trouble

OK. so I totally forgot to write down any information about my blog. Most importantly, my user name. Second most importantly, my password. Geez- that made it really hard to:

1.) Find my blog this morning
2.) Sign into my blog this morning
3.) Not shut the computer down or "freak it out" in some way.

It seems my powers increase with my frustration level. Had a few screen flickers when I started realizing that when I stay up past 10pm that I don't really remember what I had done the night before!! (Who needs alcohol??!!!) Anyway, I was getting frustrated and leaning too close to the screen and it flickered on my. It was OK though, once I backed away, it stopped. I know, that sounds really weird and I can't really explain it other than to tell you that I can't wear a watch either. Those freak out too. Now, if I could just harness this power...I could rule the world!! (Add Maniacal Laugh here) In all honesty, I would prefer to be able to use the computer without breaking it!
Of course, my sweet hubby who is almost always patient with me and my computer problems was not here for me to call upon but I know he will be proud to find out that I figured it out all by myself!
So now I come to the point of getting on the blog this AM - I wanted to post pictures of our trip to the Sunshine State! My sister's daughter got to have a makeup night and chose blue eye shadow and red lipstick - too bad my beautiful French sister in law couldn't come down for the party, she would have laughed her head off!! My mom would not participate which is hilarious since she lets the grand kids do everything else to her. (She would probably even let them experiment with Super Glue if they asked!!!) Anyway, here are some great pix!

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