Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Made It!!

Yea!! We made it to the drive-in!! We love the drive in and it has been a family tradition for years - I was so afraid it would be broken this year. Faith baby, faith!!! We did make it but I gotta let you know, Momma Mia is a bit, shall we say, much for a couple of 8 year olds. (and their mom!) I love AbbA and knew it was a musical. I just didn't know what the exact story line was. Oops! Let's just say we won't be talking about this at church. tee hee! Anyway, I am quite sure much went over their little heads and the singing and dancing was fun. The important thing was getting to sit outside on lawn chairs, watch a movie, eat fried Twinkies & junk food, swing on the swingset under the movie screen and play with eachother! God I love being a Hillbilly!!!!!

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